Things You Need To Know About Human Growth Hormone

Later the term Human Growth Hormone or HGH or known as somatropin increasingly popular. However, some questions may still remain in your mind. Just what is HGH and what are the benefits for your body? Well, here will be summarised a number of questions and explanations about HGH that will certainly add insight.

Our bodies naturally produce growth hormone (HGH) on the pituitary gland, known also by the pituitary located in the brain. As the name suggests, HGH is responsible for the growth and regeneration of cells. Without HGH, impossible you can increase muscle mass and bone density. HGH also plays an important role in maintaining the health of human body tissues, including the brain and other vital organs. When secreted, HGH is only active in the bloodstream for a few minutes, but it was enough for the liver to turn it into a growth factor known as insulin-like growth factor-1 or IGF-1. IGF-1 is able to offer a number of anabolic properties in your body.

– How many HGH produced naturally?

Healthy adult men are generally less than 5 nanograms per millilitre of blood circulating in the body. While the adult female can produce twice as much for reproductive purposes. HGH levels in man and women peaks during puberty and declined rapidly in the early 20s.

– How do I know when we are experiencing a deficiency of HGH?

HGH deficiency can be done by testing HGH. This test is a simple blood test that is not much different from your annual medical test. But before the test, you are usually required to fast.

– Can HGH be dangerous? How to report on the enlargement of the bones and other vital organs?

Previously, creatine is also considered to have the potential dangers, but now it became one of the safest and effective supplement. Danger seemed includes HGH actually been exaggerated. Complications due to the use of HGH is very minimal and rare.

– Decrease due to natural ageing. Why do I need HGH if I am no longer grow?

Besides instrumental to the development of your muscles, HGH benefit not only invisible. HGH has been shown to slow the progression of the degenerative diseases of old age. In addition, HGH also improve sexual performance, helps maintain mental sharpness, and cause healthy feeling. If HGH is low, there can be the opposite result: decreased muscle mass, increased fat, as well as the sex drive and energy levels, are low.

– Where can I get HGH?

HGH can only be obtained through a prescription. If you are deficient in HGH, a doctor may recommend that IGF-1 pure.

– How can I increase the level of HGH without a prescription?

Two important factors that contribute to raising your HGH level is through weight training and enough sleep. The more you practice, the more HGH is released naturally. A recent study found a significant increase in circulating HGH and IGF-1 after an intense weight training to people who are trained but did not find a significant difference in those who are not trained in spite of doing the same exercises.

Human Growth Hormone

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a protein hormone composed of 191 amino acids were synthesised and not penetrate by cells called somatropin in Anterior, namely the pituitary gland. HGH is constantly released by glands Pituitary since from our small onwards and throughout the life of our body will need it for the growth of the body (especially when we were kids), aid in bone growth (until age 25), maintain health and tissue and organ vital body (heart, liver, pancreas, spleen and kidneys), activate the function of detoxification (removal of toxins in the body), and so forth.

Human Growth Hormone decreases with age. At the age of 60 years only stayed Growth Hormone volume by 25% when compared to the age of 21 years. Moreover, if the pattern of life and we are not a healthy diet will make the ageing process a lot faster than they should. Reduction of growth hormone causes the body’s metabolic system decreases and the emergence of symptoms of ageing, such as decreased memory, changing hair colour, wrinkles on the face, no prima stamina, fatigue, very susceptible to disease, decreased sexual power.

Research shows that by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce HGH in order to come back, we can delay the ageing process and increase vitality and endurance. Pituitary gland or also known as Hypophysis name is an organ of peanut situated beneath the brain that is at the base of the skull. The pituitary gland is spread a wide variety of hormones, including hormones that influence/control the important glands in the body so is also known as the Master Hormone. Therefore, if we pituitary gland problems, it will affect the glands of our body more important.

Pituitary gland function for humans:

– Producing the hormones necessary for human growth, such as Growht Hormone, Melatonin, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Insulin, DHEA, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Prolactin, Adrenogen, and others.

– Producing urine volume regulating hormones and uterine contractions in childbirth

– Stimulate and regulate the function of other glands that produce hormones themselves.

How to effectively stimulate the pituitary gland:

– Using HGH regularly according to the rules

– Eat foods high in protein and contains amino acids, reduce the high carbohydrate food and high-fat.

– Avoid excessive emotion, anger and stress / depression

– Exercise regularly (mainly removal of heavy equipment)

– Sleep well and rest.

HGH And Benefits

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) or somatropin is a hormone produced by the hormone polypeptides derived from proteins in the form of 191 amino acid chain that is synthesised, stored and released by the cells in the wing somatotroph anterior pituitary gland. HGH is very important for humans. HGH can also help you lose weight and get a six pack and ideal body. HGH Benefits include:

– Strengthen your bones
– Increase muscle mass
– Increase Lipolysis (helps burn fat)
– Increase protein (helps build muscle)
– Helps the pancreas to produce insulin
– Increase the body immunity

Many athletes or bodybuilders get it in a way unnatural and may be harmful to their health. HGH is not like a cartoon character Popeye Spinach in that after the direct consumption of muscle tone, excess HGH is equally useless as excess protein and other nutrients. HGH can be increased in a natural way like sleeping 8 hours. If you sleep only 5-6 hours means you are not getting enough sleep, and sleep deprivation lead to reduced production of HGH. Only by getting enough sleep, you can increase your fat burning.

The Role Of Hormone Somatropin

Somatropin is a polypeptide hormone having a molecular weight of 22,000. This somatropin hormone is 10% of the dry weight of the pituitary gland. Polypeptide hormones derived from proteins in the form of 191 amino acid chain that is synthesised, stored and released by the cells in the wing somatotroph anterior pituitary gland. Somatropin abbreviated rhGH GH for animals and for humans because of the recombinant DNA.

Somatropin role in controlling the growth of bones, muscles and organs and affect the body growth rate by stimulating the liver to secrete the hormone somatomedin, a growth hormone which provides further stimulation to the cell to proliferate. Someone excess of this hormone will experience tremendous growth, called gigantism in children and acromegaly in adults. People who lack this hormone will have dwarfism (dwarfism). This hormone is released by the pituitary. Besides the growth hormone, several other hormones also play a role in normal growth and development process that thyroid hormone, insulin, androgen and oestrogen.